K Bar K Ranch, Fox Trotters

Welcome to K Bar K Ranch, located on the east side of Washington State, in Deer Park, just north of Spokane, Washington. It is the home of Keith and Kim Harmon. Having had horses of many breeds for the past 40 years, we’ve enjoyed many aspects of the horse industry. We showed on the Quarter Horse circuit, worked on a number of large cattle ranches and have trained horses of many different breeds. However our love for horses have always been linked to spending time with them high up in the MOUNTAINS. 

Our Love for the breed

About 16 years ago we decided that we wanted the comfort of a gaited horse to cover the many miles of trails ahead of us. We researched all the gaited breeds. We chose the Missouri Fox Trotter, for their wonderful temperament, natural ability to fox trot, as well as solid bone and good feet. We have NEVER regretted our choice. We spent much time getting to know our new breed, this led to a great love for this wonderful horse. This love motivated us to want to share them with others, so we began our search for quality breeding stock.

Our Breeding Goals

We have heard many time’s, “looks do not make the horse”, or ” the horse doesn’t have to be pretty to be a good ride”. We surely agree, BUT, lets face it- we look at our horses as much and most times more, than we get to ride them. Therfore we insist on a fine, beautiful head, a well shaped neck that flows nicely into a strong, big moving front end. We want a big back end that is built to come up underneath them and drive them up a mountain trail, as well as the around a show ring. We require all this with good bone and a temperament that is willing, calm and confident. We have succeeded in finding our mares, filling these requirements. We chose stallions that also possess these traits, and that would put the icing on the cake, sort of speak. The results of these fine pairings are something that we are pretty proud of.

We strive to produce the kind of horses that is the foundation of the breed. We want them to be SURE FOOTED, strong confirmation, and very well gaited.


But what good is all of this if they do not have a good temperament?

We put top priority on willingness, and a kind, gentle personality. We are proud of the foals that we are producing.
They are showing ALL these traits, while yet at their mothers side. They are a joy to train and work with.