We love and respect our horses

We have assembled a small group of horses that exhibit traits that we very much appreciate. We like a horse that is easy to train, kind and even tempered. We enjoy intelligent, willing horses, with a lot of personality.

We need them to be, sure-footed and honest gaited. They must have good, solid, conformation and we do like a “pretty” horse. The horses on this page excel, at all of these traits. We truly enjoy them, we hope you will also.


Playboys Cascade Gold

  • Age: 03/06/03
  • Gender: Stallion
  • Color: Palamino

We simply, fell in love, with Cascade as a foal. We very much enjoy and appreciate his kindness, and calm, gentle nature. He has a wonderful gait, solid confirmation and his temperament is as gold as his coat. We had high expectation for him. He has more than lived up to those expectations. As a mountain, trail horse, he is calm dependable and trust worthy. He is an outstanding sire, consistently producing exceptional foals. We prefer to enjoy our horses camping in the mountains, as we are just not show type, people. However, we have shown Cascade, some. He is undefeated in all the classes, we showed him in. And his foals win championships when they have been shown. We enjoy this honest, sweet natured boy every day.

Winter Sprite

  • Born: 1994
  • Gender: Mare
  • Color: Bay Roan

Sprite is a special, sweet mare. She has a cheerfulness about her that is unique to the horse world. She is also extremely athletic. She loves to run full out, sink down in the ground and launch off in the opposite direction with ease. Watching her do this, makes her look like a cutting horse. Thankfully, her foals, have really nice gait, are very athletic and have her cheerful nature. I have kept back a son of hers ( Flint) as my personal riding horse, as well as a filly ( Catt). Every foal from her, is eagerly anticipated.

Playboys Kenmar Golden Gal aka “Callie”

  • Borne: 2001
  • Gender: Mare
  • Color: Palamino

Callie is a very elegant mare. Everyone, that comes to ranch, remarks on how beautiful she is. This has been confirmed by several Model championships as well as her World Championship Reserve at Ava as a 2 year old. However, her “real” talent is, the way she moves. She has a huge front end reach, rhythm and deep head shake. She has been that way since birth, never missing a lick. She consistently has exceptional foals, being willing, awesome gait, beauty and they tend to have an intelligence that is far above normal. Callie is truly the whole package.

Crocketts Calibria

  • Born: 2013
  • Gender: Mare
  • Color: Palamino

Bria is the most mellow, sweet baby, we have ever seen. She makes you feel like you just have to smile when you look at her. She, like all of Callies foals, is very intelligent. At just a few months old, she quietly gets herself untied, so she can come be with you. She has an extremely endearing, personality. Then you add to that her elegant looks, very rhythmic way of going, great up close old foundation blood lines and color……. Well, Im not sure what else we could ask for. She has a bright future.

Cascades Cat Ballou

  • Borne: 2013
  • Gender: Mare
  • Color: Bay Roan

Catt is an exciting addition to our ranch. She is a daughter of our mare, Sprite and she has the cute personality and athletic ability, that Sprite foals are known for. She has Cascades big soft eyes and his awesome, solid gait. She is also very friendly and inquisitive. Then for the icing on the cake …. she is a true Bay Roan, with double then amount of mane as normal, that is over a foot long already at 7 months old. She will be one to get noticed, for sure. She is going to be fun !!!!


  • Born: 2009
  • Gender: Gelding
  • Color: Palamino

Nova has had a special personality since the day he was born. He loves people and needs to interact. Due to his intelligence and inquisitive nature we have had to make adjustment to all our gait latches on the ranch. Nova can open just about anything and untie about any knot…. Quikly. He is so much fun to work with, always eager and willing to do what is next. We started him in 2013, and took him camping after just a couple times under saddle. As I expected… he loved it and handled everything like a well seasoned trail horse, calm confident and sure-footed. And can this boy move !! He has talent even beyond what I expected. I could not wipe the grin off my face.

Ace Of Spades aka “Flint”

  • Borne: 2007
  • Gender: Gelding
  • Color: Blue Roan

Flint is my equine soul mate. We instantly had a bond, that you are fortunate to experience once or twice in a lifetime. Flint inherited great qualities from his foundation bred father, Danny’s Pride Of Princess and has his mother ( Sprite’s ), very fun, happy nature, and special athleticism. Which make him the incredible trail horse that he is. He is always solid, surefooted and so eager to please. Flint and I have seen a lot of miles, of many times very tough terrain. I always feel I am in good hands… (hooves). With his way of moving, color, and obvious eager nature, followed up by the biggest fullest tail Ive ever had on a horse, he gets lots of compliments. We are great partners,…. love this boy.