It’s Spring! – 6 day ride in Central Wa

BurkeLake Dusty Lake Trail

We have just returned from our first trip of the season. I went first, with a friend. Teresa and I had a great 3 days, riding in Central Wa. Flint was stellar as usual. Solid as a rock, even though I have not been on him since Oct. He was waiting at the gate, knowing I had been packing the rig. He was ready to go.

Then my husband came to meet us, bring our stallion, Cascade and a fresh mount for me. Flint went to a friends about a half an hour away and relaxed, while I spent the next 3 days, riding my green gelding, Nova. The area has some very challenging spots, that you REALLY NEED, your horse to watch what they are doing.  Nova has not been ridden since fall, so I was curious to see how he handled things. He is just a natural, he could not have been better. I’m a happy….. and tired camper. Mind you, I rode 6 days in a row, up and down steep trails and have not ridden myself, since last fall.

Yep….I’m feeling it. And Loving it!


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