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The Missouri Fox Trotter is a unique and very special horse, known for its kind temperament as well as its smooth, ground covering, sure-footed gait. These traits, along with their stamina have made them the preferred mount of the U.S. Forestry Service. The Fox Trotter’s calm, sensible disposition, combined with their endurance and surefootedness, have also made them the breed of choice for many endurance riders, field trial competitors as well as riders who love to ride the mountain trails, in style and comfort.

Many call the Fox Trotter “the people Horse” as they have been bred to be gentle, loving and willing to please.

Here at K Bar K Ranch, we are striving to produce some of the very finest Missouri Fox Trotters available. Email or call us to make an appointment to visit K Bar K Ranch, here in the greater Spokane area.

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What people are saying about K bar K Foxtrotters

By Leah Smith

“Four years ago, my Arab mare was bred by the magnificent stallion, Cascade.   Having a foal out of my mare held a highly sentimental meaning for me.   I can never thank the Harmon’s enough for making my dream come true with the “above and beyond”, efforts to overcome conception challenges with my mare.  I was ecstatic when I was blessed with a beautiful bay, gaited filly!!   Cascade’s excellent pedigree, gorgeous conformation and balance, and his ability to pass on to his offspring, his good mind, mellow temperament and gait, makes my filly extra special!!

Cascade’s accepting and trainable temperament shines through in my filly.   I have raised and trained foals before, but this is the first time I felt comfortable taking a totally green three year old, out on trail, after only one hour of under saddle arena training done earlier in the week.   My filly is wonderfully calm and responsive!   We also own a five year old out of their mare, Becky.   When I started her at age three, I was astonished!  It was as if she was, “born trained”.   These kinds of results do not come from training.   A horse must possess a level head, good mind and quiet temperament.   These characteristics don’t just “happen” they are bred into a horse!     The stallions and breeding stock of the K bar K Fox Trotters naturally have these outstanding qualities!    Through selective breeding, the foals born at K bar K are equally outstanding!
As a further example, two years ago we had the opportunity to ride with Kim and Keith and see Cascade in action on mountainous trails.  His performance was as brilliant as his stunning beauty.   What is more incredible is that I was riding my Arab mare!  Cascade was a total gentleman which is a huge tribute to the exceptional training he has received and the awesome temperament he possesses!

The Harmon’s breeding program is of the highest caliber!   Hard work, dedication and commitment to a top breeding program plus exceptional care for their animals, all contribute to making K bar K Fox Trotters the best Missouri Fox Trotter horses you will ever encounter!!   With their uncompromising honesty, integrity and caring, there are no finer people in the horse industry today, than Keith and Kim Harmon.   Sincerely, Leah Smith

 (Facebook comment)

Hey there! I used to work around the clinic at McKinlay and Peters a couple years ago, and your stallion Cascade was such a joy to be around. I have never known another stallion to be so level-headed or so kind. He was always a perfect gentleman. And as amazing as all these pictures are, he is even more stunning in person! :)

Rachel Shooter

Cascade was badly injured a couple years ago, by a mare and spent weeks, at the veterinary hospital. He had a FULL recovery, thanks to the care he received at the clinic, by our excellent veterinarian, Jed McKinlay, and his staff. Thanks Rachel, always glad to hear he was a good boy, Thank you so much for your care and appreciation of him.

Kenneth Morrison

“I am now 79 years of age, and have raised Missouri Fox Trotters for more than 50 years. Toddy’s Perfection was bred, foaled in May of 1971, and lived out his full successful lifetime, here on our farm, until his passing, in June of 1999. We still stand the stallion, “Playboy’s Perfection”.

“I just want to make a few comments about Keith and Kim Harmon’s breeding program. In my opinion, they have put together some of the best breeding and best individual horse’s of the breed. It is my hopes that everyone will take the opportunity to obtain some of the Harmon’s stock, either by breeding to their stallions or by purchasing some of their fine horses.”

Kenneth Morrison 

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